The NuMode Webfusk

Isometric Cubes (Augmentation)



▲ Documentation from my first solo show.


▲ First run with 21 cube setup and pre-rendered animation.

▼ Building, gluing, sanding and painting the 21 separate box halves.

▲ First interactivity test using vvvv(

Synopsis: The viewer is treated to an isometric stack of small cubes in a corner. As the viewer moves closer sound and augmented animation brings the simple blocks into a flowing surface of movement which creates an optical illusion.

Illusion: The animation of this simple design creates kaleidoscopic movement as you look at the stack – almost like they are sliding away from you or scaling down. As your eyes adjust and realise the cubes are not moving it can happen again on one of the other sides.

Method: A single digital projector and a technique called ‘projection mapping’ are utilised to map the surface of each side of each cube. This allows the animation to appear on any chosen side of the cubes.